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The Problem of Color Contamination in Photography

Whether you’re aware of the correct terminology or not, you have likely experienced color contamination happening in your photographs already. Put simply, color contamination is when one color is affected by the presence of another color in close proximity.

For example, if you’re photographing two friends side by side, one of them is wearing a white t-shirt and the other one is wearing a red t-shirt, the white t-shirt will likely take on a pinkish tone due to the fact that it’s receiving bounced light from the red t-shirt close by.

Take a look at how the white table tennis ball has been colored pink due it’s proximity to the red surface.

This color contamination effect has nothing specific whatsoever to do with photography as it happens around us all day every day and we are so accustomed to it that most of us never even notice it. So why bring it up? I bring it up because it’s a frustrating effect when it happens in our shots, especially if we aren’t aware of what’s causing it.

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Article By Jake Hicks

Cover photo By Azzurra Piccardi Photography

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